A week without Evoko

Recently an electric power outage at Swedish Outdoor Association broke the connection that makes meeting room booker Evoko Liso work. The following events where something like ”total anarchy” according to the companys CTO Erik Ehrner. We called him up to ask about how it was to lose the now established room booking functionality for a week.
Erik Ehrner
              Erik Ehrner

Erik Ehrner works at The Swedish Outdoor Association, a Swedish non-governmental organization, actively promoting an outdoor lifestyle since 1892. They are known by kids – and former kids – who have been taught the ways of the woods by the character “Skogsmulle”. They’re also the leading ski school within the country.

Four meeting rooms lost their units

The company bought the Evoko Liso a couple of years ago and had quickly gotten used to booking their four meeting rooms through the meeting room system. Like Erik said “You don’t miss it until it’s gone”. During the power outage the connection that makes Evoko run was lost and needed re-installment — something that Erik didn’t have time to do right then and there.

“How long are you going to be?”

What happened after the power cut was “chaotic”. People didn’t know what was booked or not. It became a hassle to arrange meeting during the  busiest hours and the old questions that had been forgotten were back, like “Are you done soon” or “How long is your meeting”. “All these naturally disappears when a screen shows you everything right outside the room”, Erik says.

Double bookings came back

Also, the double bookings were back. Like before, some teams had to get up and find another room when it surfaced that another team also had booked the room – the day before.

“What can you do? We tried with manual lists and setting up a provisional system with tablets outside the rooms, with limited success”, says Erik. “Quickly you gained insight on just how time saving the product is. When you lose it overnight, you’re fast back to the old school ways. The confusion surrounding the rooms is also stealing away energy from the employees”.

A week later Evoko Liso was in place once again and the natural meeting order is now restored.

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