Coworking facility of 50 companies chose Evoko Liso as their room booking solution

R&R Properties has chosen the Evoko Liso as its room booking solution of choice for Ts117, a brand new co-working facility that services the needs of 50 companies in one smart office space.

Ts117 provides the modern workforce a brand-new, 30,000 square feet flexible co-working facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee – a first of its kind in the region. With the co-working trend booming globally due to employees being more mobile and spread out than ever before, having the right tools to manage the shared space is essential in accommodating this new office culture. With Evoko Liso, users can simply walk up to a room, instantly see its current and future availability, and book it right there and then. 

Meeting demands of irregular drop-in users

“What makes Ts117 unique and popular is its ability to serve more irregular drop-in users. To make it work, however, we needed the booking and management of meeting spaces to be as quick and effortless as possible” explains Katina Ramsey, Community Manager at Ts117. “With Evoko Liso, finding and reserving a suitable space is a seamless process” Ramsey concludes.

Designed for open architecture

Evoko Liso is designed with this open architecture in mind, allowing anyone to use the system without requiring integration with a particular external booking system. It provides users with the flexibility to book a room via a digital calendar of choice, on a bespoke mobile application or directly on the screen of the Evoko Liso hardware.

“A key feature we wanted to deliver with Evoko Liso was its ease-of-use. People need to fit a lot into their eight or so hours of work each day, and we feel that finding and booking meeting spaces should be the least of their worries” says Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko.

Paired with the advanced analytics function for tracking room usage, the Evoko Liso delivers a complete solution for managing shared space whilst ensuring meeting room usage is optimised to meet its full potential.

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