Evoko Insights with Jonas Håkansson, Product Manager

As our Product Manager Jonas Håkansson oversees Evoko’s product portfolio and its developments, launches and information. Before joining Evoko in 2021 he had the same role at our partner company Smart Media Solutions. When he is not working he spends time with friends and family and also enjoy long distance running.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are in the middle of an intensive phase in a development project where much of my time is spent syncing and prioritizing different parts of the project. In general, I usually have multiple projects going on that can vary from new developments and product launch phases to internal process related projects.

How can a typical day of work look for you?

A typical day at work will include meeting with our development teams to support and follow the progress in our different development projects. My days are very varied, but in general I have a lot of contact with both the internal organization and partners to provide product related information and ensure they have the best conditions possible to succeed with their tasks.

What makes working at Evoko fun?

At Evoko you are always surrounded with intelligent, friendly, and inspiring colleagues.
I enjoy being part of a global team that are constantly exploring and testing new ideas, that makes every day fun!

What trends are you noticing at the moment?

Covid-19 has in many ways changed our view on the workplace and where and how we do our work. We see a shift towards a hybrid approach with a mix of working at the office and remotely. Many companies are currently preparing to manage a safe return to the office that supports this hybrid model.

How does Evoko work to keep up with those trends?

Switching to hybrid office models require flexible solutions that are easy to use and this is where we come in. Evoko’s solutions are scalable and also give full insights to better understand new work habits and patterns, such as when there are people in the building, what meeting rooms are being used and when and how many desks are needed. A great feature with the desk booking is that it is possible to easily see where your colleagues are working for the day, which we believe to be an important part of helping employees adapt to the hybrid approach. Our products also help in making the return to office safe.

Can you share a prediction you have for the future of Evoko?

I am convinced Evoko will continue to innovate and provide beautifully designed and user friendly solutions for the modern workplace that people love to use. I believe another key to success for the future of Evoko will be to keep providing solutions that increases efficiency and deliver a clear return on the investment.

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