Should you invest in a meeting room connectivity solution?

Most meetings are digital in some way. Either you have an online meeting, a hybrid meeting or you just want to share the content from your laptop or other device on a larger display. In all these cases you want to connect your device to the meeting room equipment, and if you have longer meetings also to a power supply. With a Delo connection manager installed in the room you, get it all through just one USB-C cable.

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With Delo connection manager you can access all types of in-room equipment such as meeting cameras, white board cameras, speakers, and microphones. With this equipment connected both meeting participants on-site and remote will have good quality video and audio and everyone will get the same information. With the high-speed of USB-C cables you will also reduce the risk of lagging due to poor bandwidth.

Delo connection manager connects to up to 4 devices with USB-C connection. Having multiple devices connected means you can change who is sharing their screen with a press of a button. All devices will also be powered throughout the meeting. This helps to create seamless meetings during which you don’t need to search for cables, pause to change presenter or leave the meeting to get your chargers. With the USB pass-through functionality, you can also connect to a touch display for meeting collaboration.

With Delo connection manager you can use whatever platform you like. Delo connection manager is a hub where all USB-equipment is passed through to your own computer or an in-room computer. Together with the screen sharing function and the integrated charging it makes the perfect companion to any meeting.

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device which commonly means you should bring your own laptop or other device to a meeting. This was a common way of having meetings when all participants used to be in the same room. Here, you share your display to the other people in the room or if you have a video conferencing system installed in the room you can share content from your device to that meeting.

BYOM stands for Bring Your Own Meeting meaning you also bring your meeting platform, such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet along with your device. With this way of working, you use the platform you like instead of having an in-room video conferencing system. With Delo connection manager you will be able to access all meeting room equipment such as cameras, speakers and microphones and use them for your meeting, regardless of platform.

No, there is no need for a video conferencing system in the room to use the Delo connection manager. If your room has a video conference system, you can choose to connect the Delo connection manager and use the HDMI-ingest function to share your screen in the meeting. You can also switch between the in-room system and a BYOM setup if you have a meeting on another platform and want to use the in-room cameras, speakers, and microphones in that meeting.

A wireless connection is not always as stable as a wired connection. With USB-C cables you can always be sure to get the speed and reliability you need to stream your content. You can also be sure you won’t run out of battery. If you instead use a wireless system, you will have to connect your device to a power adapter removing the only benefit with a wireless system. Having Delo connection manager mounted to the table also means no dongle can leave the room when your meeting participants forget to unplug after the meeting. Unlike many other systems, you can use the Delo without having to install any software application on your laptop – it’s true plug and play! If you still want to use a wireless product, you can choose to connect this to the Delo connection manager. This way you will have a hybrid solution with the benefits of both a wired and a wireless system.