When should you invest in a room booking system?

We can see both smaller and larger companies benefitting from using room bookers. As long as you have more than one meeting room, you can effectively minimize double bookings and handle the flow of people in your premises in a better way using this technology. Your staff will be delighted with the ease of use and feel that their time is better spent when the meeting room booking is automated and easy to do.

More insights

There are no exact numbers as to how many companies have room booking systems. The reports are pointing to an expected growth, despite the recent setback caused by the Covid-19 restrictions. We have pioneered the meeting room booker and since 2009 it has certainly become a pretty common feature to see. 

Most large corporations in Europe have some sort of meeting room booking system in place. Yet, many smaller offices still run without these tools, not knowing how easy it is to get and use. The solutions can be tailored to suit any company regardless of size.

Meetings are the bread and butter of any white collar organisation. The office is where you meet people, and increasingly so regarding the current leaps in technology that enable us to do work from home. In the future, a lot of companies across various industries will most likely find that the main reason for having an office in the first place is just to organize meetings, procure company culture, attract talent and exchange ideas and information. The benefits of organising the office space, areas and rooms in a professional matter are potentially huge.

The heart of the system

The foundation lies in the meeting room booker device. This is a device that is placed outside the meeting rooms and gives you a clear status about the room. You can see if it is taken or available. But more importantly, you can also see if it is about to be available, what other meetings are scheduled the same day and also make a reservation for the room right then and there using the touch screen. All this is combined with a clever system that is integrated to your mail client of choice, making everything connected and secure.


Full flexibility in room booking

So to conclude how it works; You can book meetings on your phone, at the computer or from the room booker itself and everything is synchronized. No confusion and more options to book your next meeting. If you need to have a spontaneous quick meeting, or just work alone, you can easily navigate to the best choice of room that is or will be available soon.

Can help to achieve business goals

In a busy office, managing the room scheduling so that workers make good use of their time is imperative for overall business objectives. The time saved is enormous, compared to the old way of writing notes manually and placing them outside the door. Alternatively, the process of knocking and actually asking about the meeting length, disturbing the work flow for the meeting participants. 


Eliminate double bookings

The number one reason is to eliminate double bookings and make day-to-day work run smoothly. In short, it saves time and time is money. Another aspect is that the modern office is almost demanding this rather easy and effective technology, especially when you have more than one or two meeting rooms. A room booker gives a very professional impression, not only to workers but to your visiting guests.

Improving the booking flow

The term when used in this context refers to a digital room booking system. The main idea behind room booking is to effectivize the daily operations when it comes to meetings and conferences. It also greatly improves the flow when it comes to booking ad-hoc meetings and using huddle rooms for impromptu teamwork. A meeting room scheduling software makes the best of what new technology has to offer by coordinating how people book the rooms. 


Meet the room manager

An interactive digital screen, called a meeting room manager, is a clever device that is placed outside the meeting rooms. From this you can book rooms, get an overview and plan your day. It is connected to your office’s main email client, so you can see every meeting that is booked for the day. The room managers are combined with a clever system that is integrated to your mail client of choice, making everything connected and secure. If you book a room on site using the physical room booker, it will pop up in the calendar just as you had booked it normally.