IO Interactive selects Evoko Liso for Design and Functionality

Simplicity and practicality are engrained in Scandinavian culture. This ethos influences architecture and furniture design right through to apparel and even video games as leading video games producer, IO Interactive (IOI) demonstrates.

Scandinavian design

Founded in Denmark, the company is best known for the 19-year long Hitman games series.  What sets IOI apart is the company’s belief that in order to create exciting, visionary entertainment, the games should reflect the people who made them. This not only involves hiring world-class creative talent but also means providing employees with a dynamic working environment that sparks inspiration whilst feeling like a second home. This was fundamental when IOI was designing its new headquarters.

IOI brought Project Manager, Søren Møller of Green AV on board to design a space which fused cutting edge technologies and inventive use of space, without sacrificing efficiency and functionality. Søren explained, “This was a unique opportunity to design an imaginative and entirely bespoke office environment which complemented the architectural features of the building perfectly, whilst also embodying the creative values of IOI. We wanted every aspect of the space, from meeting spaces to telecommunications technologies to be a perfect blend of form and function. This ethos informed the design and build process from start to finish.”

”the design is just as important as functionality”

Based in Copenhagen, the 4,800m² building encapsulates innovation and creativity. The two-floor premise houses a giant, eye-catching staircase that provides access between the levels and a dynamic and engaging communal area where the whole company can gather. Striking design and functionality are a prominent feature throughout the building, including its ten meeting rooms. Ranging in capacity from two to 24 people, IOI decided to invest in a room booking system to ensure its employees could easily book rooms in advance or on-the-go. When selecting a manufacturer, design and practicality were essential requirements. With a striking traffic lighting system and minimalist design, IOI invested in ten Evoko Liso room booking systems. According to Mads Laksø, IT Manager at IO Interactive, the system’s simple, minimalist aesthetic complemented the Nordic-inspired office design. He explains: “In the creative industry, the design is just as important as functionality. The Liso’s bold colors and stunning form made it stand out from the competition. Unlike other booking systems, it didn’t feel or look plastic. Instead, it is professional and intuitive.”

”it’s essential that an idea can be discussed as and when it comes to mind”

The lighting system illuminates red if a room is in use, amber if a meeting is about to commence and green if it is available. This ensures that employees can quickly see at a glance if a room is vacant for ad-hoc meetings. “In creative industries such as ours, it’s essential that an idea can be discussed as and when it comes to mind, otherwise a great concept can easily be lost. Being able to quickly find a room for an unscheduled brainstorm can overcome this issue,” says Laksø.
As well as canceling, extending or adding new meetings from Outlook, employees can quickly do this on-screen as necessary.
This ensures that IOI can dedicate more time to creating market-leading video games, and less time locating meeting rooms.

”It provides reliable data on how frequently each meeting room is being used”

According to Laksø, beyond its visual appeal, the Liso systems deliver insight in terms of room utilization. He explains: “The analytics function is informative. It provides reliable data on how frequently each meeting room is being used. As our company grows, this has proven useful in deciding whether space is best utilized as a room or communal area.“Overall, the Evoko Liso has been a brilliant addition to our office setup. In addition to proving a talking point for visitors, they fit in with our image as a trailblazer. It’s a great example of Swedish technology and Danish creativity working in harmony. I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in further Evoko products as our business expands.”


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