Meeting culture and 3 tips on how to improve it

Did you know that the average person builds approximately one thousand relationships during his or her lifetime?

That’s right, and since each one of those thousand individuals also builds a thousand relationships puts one degree of separation between you and a million people. And to put it in perspective there are two degrees of separation between you and a billion people. Networking and meeting people can result in a massive chain reaction for change. And meeting culture is the ignition that sparks said chain reaction.

So, with that information in mind, here are a few tips on how to build a positive meeting culture.

1. You are meeting a person – not a title

Imagine this scenario: you are at a networking event and you introduced yourself by saying your name, your title and the company you work for. The person you are speaking with went on to do the same thing and then…

Well that’s it, an awkward silence erupts, and you move on to the next person.

One of the things we all should keep in mind when networking is that a person’s title is simply a summary of what he or she does for a living. It leaves out who the person is and why that person is there.

2. Be curious

Curiosity is the ability to find aspects of a person or subject that is interesting. Every person you meet knows something that you don’t, and the fastest and simplest route to that knowledge is to ask questions. Every meeting can be a rich experience. Strive to leave every meeting as a smarter and more informed person than you were before.

3. Enjoy your meetings

Meeting new people and making new connections can and should be joyous. A wise person once said: joy is reality minus one’s expectations. The people you meet today can be the solutions for the problems you have tomorrow. You never know what effect a meeting is going to have on your life so strive to make all your meetings magnificent.

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