Reinventing the lobby for the right first impression

Everyone knows that first impressions can be very important, particularly in business. Impressions about your company forms as soon as a customer or visitor steps foot in your lobby. Given this, it’s important that your entryway conveys a message that’s isn’t at odds with the company culture – and that it makes a lasting positive impression.

Communicate your values with design

Unify your communication

When it comes to the design of your office reception you need to carefully consider how you engage with new visitors, the lobby must be thought of as an extension of any business’s corporate identity. This initial point of contact, with a customer, a new client or a visitor, is a business’s first opportunity to display its professional ethos and make a lasting positive impression.

For example, a creative company may want its reception to reflect form over function by having an equally creative entrance – rather than having a screen running a PowerPoint presentation.

Use new technology to your company’s advantage

Enhancing lobbies and reception areas with new technology can serve as an extension of these exterior design elements, and it can act as a valuable feature that drives the visitor experience. For example every aspect of our digital notice board, the Evoko Pusco, was built to facilitate this aim. By using the Pusco an organisation can share its company values, social feed and latest news with a dynamic, sleek display.

You can’t make a first impression twice, so organisations must employ tools like this to make a positive impact as soon as visitors step through the door, to ensure that their experience is personalised, that guests are quickly acclimatised to the company’s  culture and that they are given a warm welcome.

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