Activity based seating

“Our employees can quickly, with a glance, find a vacant conference room in our large office landscape. This reduces frustration and increases collaboration.”

They have just fully refurbished their office in Solna, Stockholm. The new design is now based around an “Activity based seating” concept. This meant that being able to find available workspaces for spontaneous meetings without using outlook was hugely important in their decision making process when choosing a room management system. The new layout includes cosy corners, pod style booths for individual phone calls and communal meeting areas. Hot desking is at the heart of the new design and Evry’s 700 employees are even provided with stylish white lockers to store their belongings. An installation of 84 Evoko Lisos were put in place outside meeting rooms around the office. They are used with both the panel booking function and the outlook meeting booking facility. Evry’s employees now find it really simple to locate a meeting room and the meeting rooms never go unused because of no shows, thanks to the Check in function that releases a room after a pre-set number of minutes.


Stockholm, Sweden

Evry is a full-service IT company based in the Nordics.

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