Self-installed experience

The Evoko feels sophisticated and gives a professional impression to all our visitors.

The Evoko Room Manager installation experience at Happen, was both smooth and simple. They self-installed with fast and flexible support from the Evoko team.

Happen chose to place an Evoko Room Manager right below a staircase leading up to a conference room. This way, the tenant (user) can easily can see if the meeting room is vacant without having to climb the stairs. “The fact that the touch screens are also melting into our environment very nicely is of course a plus”, John says. “The Evoko feels sophisticated and gives a professional impression to all our visitors.”

John Jureit, who is a partner at the company says that they saw Evoko Room Manager for the first time when visiting a sub-contractor and thought: ”We need this product”. Happen has chosen to install Evoko Room Managers outside both of their large conference rooms. They will also connect a third unit to a smaller, more private chat room.

The fact that Evoko was releasing support for Google Apps for Business came as positive news for Happen. The connection to their user’s Gmail accounts is working really well. However the majorities of the users at Happen are working on Mac computers and stay connected to Apples iCal.

“The biggest difference for us is the clarity the product brings”, John says. “The fact that the light turns red at the meeting room door when the room is busy makes things easier for everyone. The clarity and simplicity that the product brings is something that everyone who works here will benefit from”, he explains. The company can see a positive effect as for the meeting room usage – since the Evoko Room Manager allows for people to sneak into a room for a short while, in between scheduled meetings. If the booking starts on the next hour, the room can still be used in the meantime. “Evoko Room Manager gives us the overview we’ve strived at. As a result of the Evoko Room Manager installation we have increased the comfort variable in our office”, John explains.

Stockholm, Sweden

In the office of Happen AB in Stockholm freelance communicators are working at 24 desks over three floors. The office has a shared kitchen as well as conference, and meeting rooms. Among the tenants are designers, art directors, copywriters, and web strategists – all of them with a focus on communication. 340 square meters of creativity!

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