Bold colours and clean design

When we decided to build a new office space, we knew this was a problem that needed a solution.

The new headquarters went through a complete refit and design, taking in to account the main issues facing the day to day functionality of their office environment and focusing on how they could make every task, as efficient as possible. Bold colours and clean design are the key features to the new office and with this in mind, the Evoko Room Manager was an easy choice for the team to make.

Executive Assistant Melissa Willoughby says;

“At our previous office, I was ambushed by people asking me to book them a meeting or asking about availability throughout the day. When we decided to build a new office space, we knew this was a problem that needed a solution. After doing our research, we landed on the Evoko system – it’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. Plus, we can book a room from our desks and can see whether or not a room is occupied by the lighting around the screen.”

The result… installed 11 Evoko Room Managers on glass walls outside meeting rooms throughout the office space.

The large team of employees are now able to schedule in meetings when and where they want without wasting time on searching for a free space. Spontaneous booking is also an option, as they can see when a room is available or not, just by the colour of the LED lighting.

“We moved into our new office in late 2016 and the Evoko system has been an obvious success. It has made scheduling meetings between colleagues a breeze and it has improved my workflow, because I’m no longer met with daily interruptions from our 100+ employees.”

The people at are really pleased with the Evoko Room Manager and it has helped define the way they schedule meetings. Employees see the company as a technologically forward workplace and have been recognised as a “2018 Best workplace” by the Canadian, Great Place to Work Institute.
London Ontario, Canada are the industry leading provider of voiceovers within the world of advertising, entertainment and business. The company has over 100 employees based in their headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada and recently moved to a new office space. were looking to expand and their previous office could not cope with the rising number of employees and the limited capacity.

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