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With the power of hindsight, it’s easy to see why modern organizations aim to become more agile and flexible. And the digital tools that we use on an everyday basis are both welcomed and needed

The modern company can have departments spread out across the globe and yet be a few seconds away from a visual interaction with their colleagues’ thanks to popular meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Skype, and Zoom. These tools have helped us to maintain a good level of efficiency throughout Covid-19 and will probably continue to help in the future.

The current situation has warranted many workarounds. The physical meeting has been put in the back seat, and the digital-meeting is currently driving.

And even though we believe that the digital meeting is a necessity in the modern workplace, studies find that the physical-meeting has not been replaced in the long-term. 

The studies show that the office is not just a building filled with cubicles, computers, and watercoolers.
It shows that the office is a social hub where information is distributed and where connections are made. 

But with that in mind, there are still many areas for improvement for many organizations on how to improve their meeting culture.

Another study (we at Evoko loves studies) shows that 40% of corporate employees spend about 30 minutes a day finding a suitable room for their meetings. That’s a lot and it is a huge cost in terms of productivity and money. An easy way to reduce that cost would be to adopt a room management system.  

Another helpful tool is an overview screen of all available meeting rooms that can show the rooms’ that are available and perhaps even more important: the rooms’ that are not. 

There are multiple reasons why an organization should adopt room scheduling panels and similar devices. The main one being that we are constantly moving towards new workplace-related problems where we need to adopt new technology to grow.  

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