10 questions and answers about room booking

Choosing a room manager can be tricky. To make it easier, we have gathered your most frequently asked questions.

1. What is a meeting room booking system?

It is a software that allows people to book meeting rooms and track how the rooms are being used. The hardware is placed outside any bookable room to make it even easier to book and manage the rooms.

2. How can a room manager improve my ROI?

The ability to book a room via a room manager makes it easy to have all the information in one place and offers greater opportunities for companies to plan their spaces according to the employees’ needs. Having a smart room manager with many solutions, such as booking in-app or showing the next available time, will save time and eventually make that investment worthwhile.

3. Will the booking I make from the panel show up in my Outlook calendar?

Yes, as long as you identify yourself when you make the booking. You identify yourself using either an RFID tag or a pin code.

4. How can I book a meeting room?

You can book your meeting directly on the room bookers placed outside your meeting rooms. You also have the option to add Outlook and mobile app booking.

5. How can I see which rooms are available to book?

The three different colors surrounding the room booker show the status of the room. You can also see the available time slots in the integrated calendar on the room manager. If using the Outlook add-in or mobile app, you can see which rooms are available when creating your booking. 

6. If a room is occupied, will the room manager suggest a room that is available?

If a room is booked, you simply click on the tab “other rooms” on the panel, and it will then show you the available rooms.

7. Can I extend or stop my booking if my meeting is running long or ending early?

Yes, you can extend your booking on the panel if there are no other meetings scheduled after. If you want to end the meeting early, simply click the “end meeting” button.

8. Which reports can I get from the collected data?

Using Evoko solutions, you will be provided with actionable insights to your meeting room usage such as:

· Total number of room bookings -filtered on a building, floor or a specific room
· Which room is being used the most?
· Which day is the busiest day for meetings?
· No. of auto cancelled bookings (not checked-in meetings)
· Meeting trend charts
· And much more 

9. Can I add my own logos and images to the room booking panels?

No, and here is why – our room managers are not digital signage players. Changing LED colors, adding logos or digital signage messages would add to the user interface and might become a distraction instead of simplifying the room booking process.

10. What room booking systems do you have?

We offer two different room booking systems. Liso room manager is the self hosted solution created for organizations who want to keep all data on their own servers. Naso room manager is cloud based and comes with more options for room booking.



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