Room booking system

Effectivize your meeting culture with a digital room booking system. We have both hardware and software to make it easy for your organization. Evoko has the complete workplace management tools for all your room booking needs.

Three reasons for investing in our room booking system

Evoko makes booking meetings easy and friction-free, just as it should be. Improve the workflow within your organization without double-bookings, or interrupted meetings, and spend your saved time on what matters.

The room booking system for a friction-free workplace

With our room booking system, you will be able to create a friction-free workplace when it comes to meetings. Because let’s be honest, meetings are the bread and butter of any white-collar organisation. Here you find a room booking system to cover your organisation’s specific needs. Even offices with just one meeting room experience the upside of a room booking system.

Are you looking for a meeting room display to place outside of the meeting rooms that connects seamlessly to your digital calendar? An app that you can use to book meeting rooms? Or are you a part of the IT department in your organisation and looking for an admin solution? We got you covered! 

Why is a booking system for meeting rooms important?

The office is where you meet people, make connections and work together. In a busy office, managing the room scheduling so that workers make good use of their time is imperative for overall business objectives. With our room booking system, you can effectively minimize double bookings and handle the flow of people on your premises in a better way using this technology. The time saved is enormous, compared to the old way of writing notes manually and placing them outside the door. Alternatively, the process of knocking and actually asking about the meeting length disturbs the workflow for the meeting participants.

Our meeting room displays

The meeting room display is a clever device that is placed outside the meeting rooms. From this, you can book rooms, get an overview, and plan your day. The meeting room displays are combined with a clever system integrated into your mail client of choice, making everything connected and secure. If you book a room on-site using the physical room booker, it will pop up in your calendar as well. It’s perfectly in sync for a smooth experience. 

Naso room manager

Naso room manager makes it easy to find and book a free space to have a meeting.

Self hosted

Liso room manager

Liso room manager brings all the features you need in a self hosted room booking system.


Our room booking apps

Didn’t think it could get any better? Well, it just did! Working on the go? In that case, our app is perfect for you. Find and book a meeting room, collaborate with colleagues, and make sure your meeting rooms are used in the best way possible. Quick and simple!

Workplace app

Evoko workplace app is a great companion to Naso room manager, making it easy to book a room, using the app anytime, anywhere.

Self hosted

Get a room app

Evoko Get a room app is a great companion to Liso room manager, making it easier than ever to book a room on the go, all thanks to our unique user interface.

Our admin portals

With one of our admin portals, it is easy to set up and administer your room booking system, monitoring your connected devices and get actionable insights. All you need to manage the room booking system.

Workplace admin

Workplace admin is a cloud based admin portal that makes it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms and analytics.

Self hosted

Liso home admin

Configure, synchronize and administer your self hosted room booking system with multi-site management, permission control and real-time unit monitoring.

One room is enough

When to invest in a booking system for meeting rooms

We can see both smaller and larger companies benefitting from using meeting bookers. Your staff will be delighted with the ease of use and feel that their time is better spent when the meeting room booking is automated and easy to use.

Book your meetings with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Evoko supports the most common calendar systems. Booking meetings should be easy and not having to learn yet another system sure does help!

Frequently asked questions

There are no exact numbers as to how many companies have room booking systems. The reports are pointing to expected growth, despite the recent setback caused by the Covid-19 restrictions. We have pioneered the meeting room booker and since 2009 it has certainly become a pretty common feature to see.

Most large corporations in Europe have a meeting room booking system in place. Yet, many smaller offices still run without these tools, not knowing how easy it is to get and use. The solutions can be tailored to suit any company regardless of size.

The foundation lies in the meeting room display. This is a device that is placed outside the meeting rooms and gives you a clear status about the room. You can see if it is available or occupied. But more importantly, you can also see if it is about to be available, what other meetings are scheduled the same day, and also make a reservation for the room right then and there using the touch screen. All this is combined with a clever system integrated into your mail client of choice, making everything connected and secure.

So to conclude how it works; You can book meetings on your phone, at the computer, or from the room booker itself and everything is synchronized. No confusion and more options to book your next meeting. If you need to have a spontaneous quick meeting or just work alone, you can easily navigate to the best available choice of room.

When used in this context, the term refers to a digital room booking system. The main idea behind room booking is to effectively manage the daily operations when it comes to meetings and conferences. It also greatly improves the flow when it comes to booking ad-hoc meetings and using huddle rooms for impromptu teamwork. A meeting room scheduling software makes the best of what new technology has to offer by coordinating how people book the rooms. You can also make the room booking system complete with the hardware –  a display that is set outside meeting rooms that shows if the room is available or not.

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See all of our room booking features in action and learn how we can improve your workplace.

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Room booking systems
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