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All the features you need in a self hosted room booking system. Placed outside any meeting room it is clear and visible who has booked the room and for how long.

The complete room manager

Book meeting room on device

Co-working management

On device

23 user interface languages

Meeting rooms overview screen

See room status
from distance

Find a free space

Vivid colors make it easy to
see if a room is booked or not.

Trusted by 10,000+ organisations worldwide

EA Sports
US Senate

for the next
big thing



See how the colors
are used and what
they indicate

Recognized with several prestigious design awards


User friendly touch screen interface.

Come closer

The proximity sensor will unfold detailed information as you approach the screen.

Platform of your choice

Liso room manager integrates with most platforms for a seamless connection to your calendar.

Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange
Google Workspace
IBM Lotus Domino
Evoko Booking
Included apps and services

Coordinate and streamline the process of reserving and scheduling meeting rooms and optimize the use of office resources.

Liso software
Liso Get a room app
Evoko get a room app is a great companion to Liso room manager, making it easier than ever to book a room on the go, all thanks to our unique user interface.
Liso software
Liso home admin portal
Configure, synchronize and administer your self hosted room booking system with multi-site management, permission control and real-time unit monitoring.
Liso software
Liso web booking
Multi-tenant booking is a co-working management tool, adapted for shared office spaces.
Liso software
Evoko Liso overview screen
Liso overview screen
See the full meeting room schedule for a floor or building at a glance with the Liso overview screen.
Quick and simple

Efficiency at its best

Use the Get a room app to book a room and invite colleagues to the meeting with the use of your phone.

Manage locations users rooms analytics

Within the Liso home admin portal, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms to analytics.

Within the Liso home admin portal, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms to analytics.

See how easy it is to
take full control over
your workplace

The perfect partner for co-working spaces

Liso web booking is a co-working management tool, designed for shared office spaces. No additional booking systems or a common email domain between companies required.

Give all visitors a complete overview

Use in lobbies, receptions or hallways, anywhere where you need guidance to find a suitable meeting room.

Success stories

“It is useful for us to be able to keep track of who is booking the rooms.”
- FirstOffice
Neon were looking for a bold new interior design to match their new and more flamboyant image.
- Neon Underwriting
“With Evoko Liso, finding and reserving a suitable space is a seamless process”
- TS117
Too good to pass, right?

As easy as traffic lights

Bright and vivid colors indicates if a room is available or occupied, allowing users to see the room status at a glance.


Indicates that the room is available for more than 10 minutes. Look for this if you need a room for an ad-hoc meeting.


Indicates an upcoming booking. A meeting stars within 10 minutes. Check-in is required. Look for this if you have made a booking.


Indicates that there is an ongoing meeting in the room.

Want to learn more?

Liso home admin portal

Within Liso home admin portal, it is easy to set up your self-hosted room booking system and administer locations, users, devices and workspace analytics.

Meeting management

Home admin portal is our room scheduling system that also offers extensive multi-site management options with permission control and real-time unit monitoring. Through the portal you configure, synchronize and administer everything in one place.

Optimize your workflow

Full insights on meeting patterns

Get an extensive view of your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources and improve meeting culture.

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