Enhanced flexibility

“It is useful for us to be able to keep track of who is booking the rooms.”

At FirstOffice, Liso room manager has taken flexible working to a new level.

FirstOffice are now using Liso room manager at their serviced offices throughout Sweden. Liso room manager has enabled tenants at FirstOffice to plan ahead as well as hold meetings in other cities around Sweden. “For us it is important that it is easy – easy to move in, easy to work, easy to expand and easy to move out.”

FirstOffice wants to be even more flexible and that the tenants feel they have the possibility to be flexible too. ”We did not really have a system before so it has really simplified things, both for us and our tenants. The biggest difference is that it is now possible to book rooms in other cities. Without Evoko we could not be able to offer that flexibility to our tenants. Liso room manager really facilitates our concept of working freely from all our 10 cities.”

Stockholm, Sweden
FirstOffice offers flexible and fully serviced office space. They have 60+ locations in 10 cities throughout Sweden and tenants can choose to work in private office rooms, coworking spaces or the newly launched larger private office room concept Big Office.
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