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In today’s hybrid workplace, many employees do not have their own desks at the office. There is often an open office space, hot desking, or collaborative spaces that could be used. Sometimes it could be difficult to find an available desk. This is why a desk booking system is essential for the new modern office.

Three reasons for investing in our desk booking system

Evoko makes desk booking easy and friction-free, just as it should be. Improve the workflow within your organization without double-bookings, and spend your saved time on what really matters.

The ideal desk booking system for the hybrid workplace

Free seating can result in the feeling of being the odd one out in a game of musical chairs. With a professional desk booking system the user can focus on their work instead of finding a seat. Here you find what you need for a hybrid workplace. Everything from the desk booking manager that can be placed on each desk to software solutions like an app and admin portal. If there is a seat, we will find it for you!

Why is desk management important?

The transition to hybrid workplace models is rapidly increasing where 2-3 days for knowledge workers are believed to be spent working remotely on average. Due to not everybody being in the office at the same time, organizations are downsizing their office spaces to reduce costs. All employees do not have a designated place anymore and that could lead to workers spending unnecessary time trying to find available desks. That time could be spent on working.

The open, free-seated office trend is already implemented to a huge degree, so the next logical step is to synchronize your desk and spaces just like you do meeting rooms. Allowing the users to find and book a desk relieves the most common concerns among employees’ transition into hot-desking.

Our desk booking display

The desk manager is a clever device that is placed on each office desk. The device will signal to everyone which workspace is available, check-in – or waiting for you. All this is combined with a clever desk booking system, making everything connected and up to date.

Our desk booking app

Didn’t think it could get any better? Well, it just did! Making it easy to book a desk, using the app anytime, anywhere. Search, find, and book desks in advance or upon arrival, depending on your needs.

Our admin portal

With one of our admin portals, it is easy to set up and administer your desk booking system, monitoring your connected devices and get actionable insights. All you need to manage the desk booking system.

All office sizes can benefit

When to invest in a desk booking system

If you utilize open office space, hot desking, or collaborative spaces that are not meeting rooms, it is definitely wise to look into desk bookers to coordinate these areas. The risk of having trouble finding available desks increases the more areas and desks are free for the taking. You need a system, and we believe a digital solution that encompasses meeting rooms, as well as desks, can benefit many middles to larger organisations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Save time for workers and increase comfort and joy at work
  • Optimize your office for actual needs (and save money)
  • Enable your office to adapt to the growing needs of working from home

A modern desk booking system should provide an intuitive and user-friendly way to find and book a desk. There are two types of desk booking. Either book a desk in advance or make an instant booking when arriving at the office. Using a desk booking app, it is easy to find and book a desk anytime, anywhere. You could also implement floor plans to visually guide your employees to locate their booked desks, especially useful for a large office complex with many desks and floors. A smart presence sensor can also be used to automatically check in to a booked desk when you sit down, enabling more accurate data on office space usage.

So to conclude how it works; You can book a desk on your mobile phone, or from the desk booker itself and everything is synchronized. If you need a spontaneous desk to work from, you can easily navigate to the best available choice of desks in the app, or book it directly from the desk manager panel.

Quite simply, desk booking is when you digitally reserve desks, areas and locations that are shared with others, like in shared offices or offices using hot desking where workers move around the office freely instead of having an assigned space. The idea is that instead of rushing to the hot desking office to grab a spot, you can book your desk in advance. Similarly to room booking, you can see which desks are available and can book it on the spot on the desk manager.

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