desk manager

The perfect desk booking device for any office using flexible seating. It will signal to everyone which workspace is available, checked-in, or waiting for you.

A friendly desk booking system

Book, end and
extend on device

User identification
with RFID

Auto check-in
via sensor

23 user interface languages

focus mode

See desk status
at a glance

Find a free seat

Vivid colors help you find an unbooked desk

for the next
big thing




See how the colors
are used and what
they indicate

Recognized with several prestigious design awards

More doing.
Less thinking.

Automatic check-in

Experience automatic check-in when you sit down at your booked desk.

Smooth identification

Kleeo is compatible with RFID cards or tags for effortless user authenticated actions.

Time to focus?

Enable focus mode to discourage interruptions and boost productivity.

Effortless installation

See how easy
the installation
really is

On desk
Edge of desk

See how easy
the installation
really is

Manage locations users rooms desks analytics

Within the Workplace Admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms, desks to analytics.

Within the Workplace Admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms, desks to analytics.

See how easy it is to
take full control over
your workplace

Too good to pass, right?

Magic runs in the family

Unleash the true power of your Kleeo with the Workplace app.

App based
desk booking


floor plans

Book and check-in
with QR-codes

Complete your workplace

Allow your workplace to reach its full potential and combine products within the Evoko ecosystem.

Presentation systems

EasyConnect MPX 200

EasyConnect MPX 200 is an innovative screen sharing hub with integrated charging, cable management and more.

Room & desk booking

Workplace App

Make it easy to book and manage hybrid or activity based desks and other workspaces.
Workplace management

Workplace Admin

Manage your workplace from one centralized platform with real-time monitoring.
Workplace management

Workplace Overview Screen

Display room and desk status for a building or a floor and helps navigate to available workspaces.

As easy as traffic lights

Bright and vivid colors indicates if a desk is available or occupied, allowing users to see the desk status at a glance.


The desk is available for more than 10 minutes. It is really easy to book the desk directly on the touch display. Look for this if you need an ad-hoc seat.


Indicates an upcoming booking. The included presence sensor automatically checks you in when you sit down at your booked desk. Look for this if you have made a booking.


Indicates the desk is currently being used. Swipe to access detailed information and easily manage the ongoing booking by extending or cancelling it. Alternatively, activate the device’s focus mode for a distraction-free environment.


Indicates that the individual at this desk doesn’t want to be disturbed and wants to concentrate.

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Installation instructions

Kleeo desk manager can be mounted on top of the desk or to the front edge of the desk. Below video and mounting instruction will guide you through the installation process.

How to install

For the full installation guide, check out our Kleeo quick guide.

Self-hosted systems

Workplace admin

Within the Workplace admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, desks and analytics.

Workplace management

Workplace admin let’s you manage your workplace from one admininistration portal. With the portal you can:

Optimize your workflow

Work smarter, not harder

Maximize the potential of your office with Insights, an analytics tool which brings reports on many aspects of space utilization within the office.

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