EasyConnect MPX 200

EasyConnect MPX 200 is an innovative screen sharing hub with integrated charging, cable management and control of the meeting room equipment.

Seamless meeting connectivity

Easily share
your screen

Video up to


Guided by

Charge your devices
with up to 100W

Built in cable

Meetings without tech trouble

EasyConnect eliminates all technical struggles associated with meetings, just plug in and go.

Share in seconds

Easily share your screen and audio in a meeting. All with the touch of your fingertip.

Recognized with several prestigious design awards

Full access. Always.

Connect to all room equipment, including displays and video conference systems.

Full access. Always.

Connect to all room equipment, including displays and video conference systems.

Platform of your choice

Smooth and seamless setup for full on-site meetings as well as hybrid meetings.

Google Meet

Real-time meetings by Google in your browser.

Microsoft Teams

The communication platform from Microsoft.


Zoom’s secure and reliable communication platform.

And all others..

One cable. That’s it.

Charge your devices

Connected devices are charged with up to 100W.

Clutter free desk

Clean desk when not in use.

Plug and play

No software installation needed.

Clutter free installation

See how easy
the installation
really is

EasyConnect can be installed on tables with a thickness of 5-45mm.

Integrated cable bag for a neat and
clutter free installation.

Simple on the outside

Minimalistic design with retracting cables.

Advanced on the inside

Advanced connection hub under the table.

Gain full control

Customize your EasyConnect MPX 200. Just connect your device to port 4 and choose to enter the control panel. Downloadable software available on the specifications page.

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Complete your workplace

Allow your workplace to reach its full potential and combine products within the Evoko ecosystem.

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Workplace Admin

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Workplace management

Workplace Overview Screen

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Installation instructions

The video instructions below will guide you through the installation process.

For the full installation guide, check out our EasyConnect quick guide.

Self-hosted systems

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