Overview Screen

The perfect solution for any lobby and reception area. Display room and desk status for a building or a floor and helps navigate to available workspaces.

Get a complete


Way finding


Multiple screens support 



Discover available spaces

Locate available spaces through the Overview Screen, ensuring seamless access to meeting spaces and desks for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Way finding view

Navigate brilliance

Effortlessly explore the workspace layout using the Overview screen, providing a convenient overview of the floor plan to facilitate smooth navigation and decision-making.

Multiple screens? No problem.

Create numerous overview screens for different floors or buildings within the Workplace Admin Portal. Effortlessly adapt and manage each screen to optimize the workspace experience.

Simple activation

Activate your screen with ease by either scanning the QR-code or enter the activation code.

Complete your workplace

Allow your workplace to reach its full potential and combine products within the Evoko ecosystem.

Desk booking

Kleeo Desk Manager

Kleeo Desk Manager is the perfect desk booking device for any office using flexible seating.
Presentation systems

EasyConnect MPX 200

EasyConnect MPX 200 is an innovative screen sharing hub with integrated charging, cable management and more.

Room & desk booking

Workplace App

Make it easy to book and manage hybrid or activity based desks and other workspaces.
Workplace management

Workplace Admin

Manage your workplace from one centralized platform with real-time monitoring.
Self-hosted systems

Workplace admin

Within the Workplace admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, desks and analytics.

Workplace management

Workplace admin let’s you manage your workplace from one admininistration portal. With the portal you can:

Optimize your workflow

Work smarter, not harder

Maximize the potential of your office with Insights, an analytics tool which brings reports on many aspects of space utilization within the office.

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