room manager

Makes it easy to find and book a free space to have a meeting. Place it outside any collaboration space to get rid of double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings.

Room booking
and beyond

Book, end and
extend on device

User identification
pin and tags

On device

23 user interface languages

Report broken room equipment

See room status
from distance

Find a free space

Vivid colors make it easy to
see if a room is booked or not.

for the next
big thing



See how the colors
are used and what
they indicate

Recognized with several prestigious design awards


User friendly touch screen interface.

Come closer

The proximity sensor will unfold detailed information as you approach the screen.

Integrate with Outlook

Naso room manager is integrated with Microsoft O365, making it possible to book a meeting room directly from the Outlook calendar. The booking system keeps everything up to date and in sync with the room booking displays.

Laptop friendly

Book a room directly from your Outlook calender.

Flexible booking

Find and book a room from the Workplace app and keep your bookings organized when on the go.

Ad-hoc meetings

Book a room on the Naso room manager display for an instant meeting.

Built from the ground up

Naso room manager is purposed-built to ensure a secure and reliable product that will last for years. Evoko room booking displays have been used worldwide since 2010 in industries where security is of the highest level, including governments, banks, and defense contractors.

As part of our security and quality assurance processes, we regurlary perform security penetration testing (PEN-testing) by external security experts to ensure that our product meets the highest expectations and requirements.

Manage locations users rooms desks analytics

Within the Workplace Admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms, desks to analytics.

Within the Workplace Admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, rooms, desks to analytics.

See how easy it is to
take full control over
your workplace

Success stories

“With Evoko it is much simpler”
- Curious Mind
“We can see a changed behaviour in the way we book meetings.”
- Peak Performance
“Our previous solution didn’t fit our needs, Evoko had the best solution on the market"
- Porsche Informatik
- Frendy
Too good to pass, right?
Too good to pass, right?

Unleash the true power

Give room booking a boost by combining Naso with the Workplace app.

App based
room booking


floor plans

Book and check-in
with QR-codes

Complete your workplace

Allow your workplace to reach its full potential and combine products within the Evoko ecosystem.

As easy as traffic lights

Bright and vivid colors indicates if a room is available or occupied, allowing users to see room statuses at a glance. 


The room is available for more than 10 minutes. Look for this if you need a room for an ad-hoc meeting.


Indicates an upcoming booking. A meeting stars within 10 minutes. Check-in is required. Look for this if you have made a booking.


Indicates that there is an ongoing meeting in the room.

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Workplace admin

Within the Workplace admin, it is easy to set up and administer everything from locations, users, desks and analytics.

Workplace management

Workplace admin let’s you manage your workplace from one admininistration portal. With the portal you can:

Optimize your workflow

Work smarter, not harder

Maximize the potential of your office with Insights, an analytics tool which brings reports on many aspects of space utilization within the office.

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