Evoko Insights with Michael S. Neufer, Global Support Leader

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After 10 years at Apple Inc Michael joined Evoko in 2017. As Global Support Leader he works with a team of problem solving product experts to make sure everyone are happy with the Evoko product experience. When he is not working he enjoys fishing.

What are you working on at the moment?

We have had a huge shift in the way we do business. Before you bought a box with everything you need to setup. The Naso is now introducing a whole world of office management. With that comes a lot of admin and support. I help lead the team that runs and gathers information from beta testing. We also work closely with the development team to problem solve and find solutions. All to make the best products that users and installers are happy with.

How can a typical day look like for you?

I never know what my day is going to look like until I see what alarms are going off. I work more on the support and development side and we are always putting fires out and rebuilding the relationship with customers. If someone is coming to my team, they are normally not that happy because something is not working correctly or they are not doing something correctly. Patience and listening is a big part of my day. I make a lot of decisions and a lot of those are based on my experiences in the moment.

What makes working at Evoko fun?

Before I worked with a specific geographic region. When I was brought onboard at Evoko I was asked to support something that reaches over 100 countries and 6 continents. It was a transition for me. I was accustomed to English and the way we do things in America. The experiences and challenges from supporting something world wide is really fun. Also, working with Swedish innovators dedicated to making the modern workplace smoother, more cost-efficient and stylish is alone enough to keep me motivated on a daily basis.

What is the difference between Evoko Liso and Naso?

The release of the Evoko Naso wasn’t to replace the Evoko Liso. The Evoko Liso remains a premium on-premise room booking system for organizations who prefer having room booking solutions on site. On the other hand, the Evoko Naso is a cloud-based room booking solution. Another key difference is the the Evoko Liso comes as an all-in-one, one-time purchase while the Evoko Naso offers basic booking functions and a wide range of add-on features through the subscription packages like visitor management, dynamic maps, sensors, and API integrations.

Can you give me an example for when Evoko Liso and Naso would be the best choice?

Anyone wanting to use the Liso is looking for an on-premise booking system. We tend to see that with banks, governmental institutions and companies that don’t want cloud based data. With Liso you have more control over the data since its all stored locally. Naso is a more modern approach to room booking and is suitable for offices wanting a customizable, hybrid, cloud-based office management tool.

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