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Have you wondered what the modern office will be like now that we have a new reality formed by restrictions and working from home? In all probability, there will be a large emphasis on flexible working. Are you prepared? Let's take a look at what employees and recruits are expecting when returning to their physical workspace.

Trends shaping the office

Making smart use of the office space falls in line with many environmental and public health goals. We need to work smarter, not harder. Modern offices of tomorrow are all about planning for different individual needs, collaborative space, and open areas. Here we are certain, technology will play an increasingly important part in how the offices are connected. Technology enables many new trends within modern offices:

  • techiture
  • office hoteling and hotdesking
  • collaboration
  • wayfinding
  • smart office / iot
  • flexible working as a benefit

These are just a few. The main factor in all of these is that modern technology is enabling remote working. And that makes offices reshape to meet new demands of space management.

The new way of looking at office space

What are offices? Essentially, it is space. To fit the needs of many businesses making a digital transformation, startups and smaller companies we can view the office as a shared space, much like a hotel. Companies rent adequate space for their current need. Resources like coffee, catering, cleaning, security and technology solutions are shared by all to bring down costs.

Flexible day-to-day operations

In a hot desking setup, hardware and seats are fixed, but people aren’t. When people are given this new freedom to come and go as they please, work from home or take a meeting on the go, the office has to be able to accommodate this ultimate flexibility. A challenge is to make reserving your daily desk an easy process. Office manager also need to be able to plan for the fluctuating desk needs  so people can focus on their work instead of finding a place to sit.

The smarter office of tomorrow

Offices empowered by new technology becomes more efficient and connected. New terms such as techiture (technology and architecture) are emerging, because we need to think about how humans are going to interact and live with this new technology.

A room booking system is a clear and tangible example of when technology meets humans. Immortal things in product design, such as quality and usability, become the driving force when choosing new office tech. Because the tech itself is becoming more available and affordable than ever.

We know this, and therefore we put much thought into our products from the start in 2009. Room bookers must be simple to use. We want to save time for people, not create more work.

Unsure where to start?

Investing in a smart desk booking system is imperative for your business. Not only to make your everyday operations run smoothly, but also to meet worker needs and becoming a modern employer. To be able to book conference rooms easily and quickly should be recognized as a standard. Call it “low hanging fruit”.

The premium room booker in the business, Evoko Naso is shaped to meet ALL the demands of tomorrow. It has everything to make daily meetings a joy. The lighting system of Evoko Naso is easy to understand, you see available rooms from a distance and can walk up to grab it. If you want something that works, this is it.

More importantly, though, is that Evoko Naso can be equipped with any function that your office need. Wether it be a full fledged visitor management system, catering options and automatic check-in enabled through sensor that track people coming in and out. Therefore, Evoko does not become obselete, but can grow with your office long into the future.

In this article

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