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Update to Naso room manager

We are pleased to share the latest update to Naso room manager, which brings improved performance to the device.


  • Naso software version 4 introduces improved device responsiveness with faster transitions across key user flows.
  • Naso application is now hosted in the Northern Europe Azure environment.
  • Both existing and newly claimed panels will transition to the Northern Europe Azure  environment seamlessly.

Automated update

We will commence automated installation of the new version starting 3rd July 2023. Our aim is to upgrade a subset of your panels and gradually increase the rollout whilst we monitor our metrics to ensure that the service continues to perform at an optimum level.

To ensure you are ready for the automated installation please ensure that the following URLS are whitelisted in your network:




If you do not want to partake in the automated update then please contact us directly to be removed from the schedule.

Manual update

The Naso devices can easily be updated remotely. To update your Naso devices, login to the Naso device manager, select your Naso devices and click Update.

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