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Hold inclusive and seamless meetings, with Delo, Evoko’s new connection manager

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Swedish brand Evoko announces its newest product in their line of smart workplace solutions, Delo connection manager. Delo connection manager is an innovative screen sharing hub with integrated charging, cable management and control of the meeting room equipment. By making meeting room connectivity frictionless, employees can now share their screen, charge their laptops and access the in-room equipment without having to install any software or learn how to use all of the different in-room systems.

Evoko CEO, Richard Glückman, states, “We’re really excited to release the Delo connection manager. It is a product that solves real pain points experienced by most employees several times a day. In today’s world filled with hybrid meetings, it is more relevant than ever.” 

Delo connection manager is designed with the employee and requirements of modern meetings in mind by taking the hassle and stress out of holding meetings and using meeting room technology. Built to simplify both on-site and hybrid meetings, Delo connection manager is already connected to equipment in the room such as screens, cameras, and speakers. Simply connect your computer to Delo connection manager with one of the USB-C cables and instantly be ready to start your meeting. Up to four devices can be connected at the same time for charging, and you easily change who is sharing their screen with a press of a button.   

After having worked from home for so long, the patience for hassling with meeting room equipment is very low. When you have spent the time travelling to the office and walk into a meeting room, you just need it to work. That’s why Delo connection manager is so good – all you need to do is to bring your laptop, connect a single cable and you’re ready to go.” Glückman continues. 

Key selling points:

Built for modern meetings

Hybrid as well as full on-site meetings benefit from the reliable and high bandwidth streaming that is enabled through the USB-C cables in Delo connection manager. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is now becoming Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) and Delo connection manager allows you to connect to any meeting directly from your laptop and access the in-room display, camera, microphone and speakers without having to invite the room or learn to use the various in-room systems.

Superior user experience

Simply plug in a single cable for all your meeting room needs – charging, screen sharing and access to the in-room equipment. No need to install any software and up to four people can connect at the same time. Colored lights show who is sharing their display and you can switch who’s sharing by simply pressing the button next to the cable connected to your device.

Beautiful and smart

Avoid a cluttered meeting room table with cables and dongles scattered around. Delo connection manager has a sleek and minimalistic design that doesn’t take up much space on the table and fits perfectly into modern meeting and huddle rooms alike. The four cables retract when not in use to always keep the table tidy and since the cables also offer charging, you avoid stumbling over power cables laying across the room. 

Delo connection manager will be available for purchase in Europe, US and Canada via selected resellers on the 4th of October.

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