How Peak Performance made their hybrid office work even better - with Naso room manager

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The term hybrid office is probably something that has crossed your path once or twice. Although it’s a very natural result of past events, we are still adjusting to a new reality. The concept of mixing on-site and remote work might not be too hard to understand, but how do we make it work in reality? At Peak Performance, one of the solutions was to implement our smart and intuitive room booking system - Naso room manager. Prior to us visiting their office in Stockholm, they had the opportunity to put it to use, and it was clear that something had changed. Not only were they able to manage their meeting rooms better but the office culture was boosted with productivity, happier employees and less stressful days. Now you might wonder how a room booking system can accomplish all that? We’ll tell you.

Naso room manager on a daily basis

“It’s so easy to handle and easy to understand. You get a great overview of the schedule for the meeting room, for the day. It makes the day so much more efficient.”

– Ida Karlsson, HR manager


How productive we are might differ from day to day, and how we define productivity is subjective at best. But it’s safe to say that it’s needed for our business to move forward. If we put this into context and relate back to what Ida Karlsson at Peak Performance said during our visit, we can understand that simplicity and structure correlates with productivity. Naso room manager inhabits all those features. With a simple interface, an intuitive design and a comprehensible overview, it allows for people to easily get the gist and use it for the sole purpose of structuring the daily tasks. So, when the product is easy to understand and gives you the opportunity to organise your time, then your productivity rate will consequently go up. In the end, time is all we have, and Naso room manager lets you use it wisely. At Peak Performance, they can now work smarter, not harder.

Less stressful days

There are many things that can cause a stressful environment. Be it sluggish technology, lack of communication or just not knowing if there will be any free meeting rooms when you arrive at the office. Naso room manager alleviates those stressful elements, giving you the opportunity to hold efficient meetings and have more time to focus on your individual tasks.

Happier employees

This goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned topics. Employee satisfaction is something that has become a corner stone of every modern workplace, and it is said that happy employees equal greater performance. We want to feel like the things we do matter, but we must also be given the right tools to manage these things. Yes, you guessed it right. This is where Naso room manager comes in. You could see it as the sidekick that provides you with the structure you need to make your days flow smoothly.


Adapting to a hybrid model using smart technology

“It’s really cool to see how intuitive and smart these screens are. The life at the office here at Peak Performance has changed a lot now when we’ve entered the new hybrid model. Which means we need a modern, user-friendly and smart way of booking meetings. We used to use the classic Outlook, but we could see that people didn’t use it in the right way and had to ask “Hey I have booked this room already.” So, it was kind of confusing for us. When we have the Naso now, we can see a changed behaviour in how you book meetings. A way more structured way of booking them, but also making sure we can have space for spontaneous meetings as well”

– Joel Eriksson, HR manager.

We know that smart technology is a field that is advancing, and we’re not the only ones out there on the market. But the question is, however, how we can grasp the notion of smart tech and the importance it bears for a hybrid workplace. Technology must bring something to the table. For the company, their staff and the work they do. With Naso room manager, it is obvious that we’ve met a need that has not been fully met before. Like Joel Eriksson at Peak Performance says, the time before Naso room manager was often confusing and led to misunderstandings and double-booked rooms. Now, people can book rooms in advance and see which rooms are available by simply looking at the status colors. This eliminates unnecessary headaches and lets employees focus on getting things done. In addition, you can get insights into how the rooms are being used, which makes it easy for the company to optimise and utilise their spaces in the best way.

We believe that it is possible and important to improve the employees’ experiences by using collaborative technology. Naso room manager is in fact that – smart tech and collaboration combined. Seeing as we spend less time at the office, this room manager enables your employees to juggle between remote and on-site work in an efficient way, while still interacting with co-workers.

This iswhat you get

Naso room manager comes with a ready-to-go hardware that includes many smart features. Some of them are listed below:

  • 5-year hosting license
  • Book, end and extend meeting on device
  • Meeting room administration and management
  • On device check-in
  • Insights and analytics
  • Technical support
  • See room status from distance
  • 23 user interface languages
  • Firmware updates (OTA) 24 month warranty

If you need additional features, you can add the software package. Some of the extra features include booking through your phone, hosting, and many more.

Want to jump into all the technical details? Click here.


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